Once you begin honouring yourself, magical things start to happen…

I am a Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher. I’m passionate about guiding women to find more calm, clarity and confidence.

Through my coaching + meditation, writing and speaking I aim to inspire and support each woman to honour her whole self and start living the life of her dreams.


My Story

After years of battling low self esteem and poor body image I found what I was really searching for had nothing to do with how I looked…

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It’s time for a new approach to your wellness. It’s time to uncover your true hearts desires and help you to start living the fabulous life you were destined for.

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From the Blog

I have slipped up.

I’ll be honest. My old dieting habits have taken over these last few months. I’ve been attempting to lose weight from a place of body shame and control.

Allow me to preface this quickly. I am all for people setting health related goals that involve nourishing their bodies with whole foods and conscious movement in an effort to feel more vibrant and energetic. However when we feel disgust with our …

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