Why dieting is not the answer

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As a women who has spent also two decades attempting to decrease the number on the scale, narrow the size of her waist and ultimately take up less space I personally know a thing or two about this obsession known as dieting.

I tried everything from Weight Watches, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Low Carb, No Carb to Clean Eating. Dieting was my answer to everything – when I felt guilty for eating ‘naughty’ foods, when I was rejected by a boy or after a long day of retail therapy where nothing seemed to fit!

So when you are feeling run down, work is one giant stress ball and your relationship is far from fireworks I totally understand why a brand new diet or eating plan might feel like the perfect solution. It feels hopeful and exciting to think that in your new slimmer, more banging body all your worries will float away.

It wasn’t until I found myself in my mid 20’s that I experienced one big wake up call. I was following an eating plan, slogging my guts out at the gym 6 days per week and finally creeping more and more towards the left hand side of the (old school) bathroom scales. It was the first time in my life I had fit into a size 10 dress size and I should have been cheering and basking in all this ‘skinny success’!! But I wasn’t. I felt exhausted, full of anxiety and totally lost in life. On top of all this I wasn’t receiving a menstrual cycle and my body was giving me some CLEAR feedback that things were not tracking well.

As I begun my healing journey for the first time I started exploring my spiritual and emotional wellbeing. I started asking myself some big life questions –

‘Why am I here?’

‘What is my life purpose’

‘What do I want to be known for’.

I then started to understand my desires to attain weight loss and a smaller physique. What did I think would really happen when I reached a certain weight. It took a truck load of self enquiry, spending time alone, journalling and talking to various people (including a life coach!) that I realised what I was really yearning for was Love and Acceptance. From both others and myself.

BOOM! What a lightbulb moment.

The reason I share this deep realisation with you is because I firmly believe from both my personal experience and those of my client’s that we are looking for so much more than just weight loss and a smaller dress size. Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘Why am I really embarking on this journey of restriction and social isolation?’ or ‘What feelings am I really looking to experience once I reach my goal weight?’. If you look deep enough (and go where it might feel a little uncomfortable!) you may find you are looking for more self connection, self love, acceptance, passion, adventure, freedom, enjoyment….or many other incredible things.

THE SECRET – you can have all these feelings you long for right now. Not in 10kgs time.

Now what? I hear you say.

Focus on how you want to feel every single day and brainstorm ideas on how to evoke these feelings.

More self care may involve more baths with essential oils, more time to self and rest.

More fun with more stand up comedy on Netflix, more belly tickling with the kids or laughing with a girlfriend.

More adventure may look like more random day trips to nearby areas over the weekend or finding a new route to walk on your way to walk.

Ultimately this is your choice and your opportunity to create new positive habits in your world that are sustainable. Do what works for you.

If you’d like some more support on how to ditching dieting and form a more peaceful loving approach to food I am doing a Facebook Live at 10am Friday AEST time. Clink the link here to join. Otherwise hit reply and let me know how I can support you on your journey.


Pip x x

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  1. Bailey says:

    Love this article, Pip. Your writing is so inspiring + it resonates with me deeply xx Sending love from the USA

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