When life throws you lemons..

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When life gives you lemons or (let’s be honest) throws you total shit storms what do you do?

How do you react?

What’s your go-to?

The last couple of weeks I have experienced a whirlwind of crazy, intense + overwhelming feelings. I’d like to make a link to a the moon cycles here but I really am not well versed on this area! All I know is that I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed. You can imagine I wasn’t the most pleasant human to be around.

I was really getting myself into a state in relation to where my husband are going to live long term and the personal responsibilities we are currently facing – aka normal life stuff! My control freak, which I had been working so hard to release, had reared her ugly head and she wanted answers. NOW. My conscious mind knows full well that to have life mapped out on a platter is just not possible – and let’s be honest that is just plain boring!

I went through the motions and am feeling a whole lot more like myself now. I want to share with you the knowledge and tools I leant into during this time –

  1. This too shall pass – four very powerful words that I certainly needed to lean into over the last couple of weeks. It is so easy to feel totally immersed and engulfed in the overwhelm and what we choose to focus on (see point 2) that we forget life could feel another way. Try and assure yourself these feelings are not forever and they will subside eventually.
  2. What we focus on – grows. Unfortunately many of us choose to focus on the wrong things. We focus on what we don’t have – finances, body, partner + dream job. What we focus on, grows and also effects us on an emotional and physiological level. I encourage you to wake up each morning and recite aloud or journal 10 things you are grateful for and that you appreciate in your world – this will leave you feeling in a much more positive frame of mind.
  3. Be gentle and kind – we are all human and all experience a variety of feelings and emotions. What are the tools in your toolbox that help care for and nurture yourself? Practices such as deep breathing, sharing with a friend/family member, yoga, journalling and movement are some of my favourites. I’m also prone to having a good screaming session. It feels so good to release everything you carry within!

There is also a degree of trust that has emerged for me personally. An inner trust that everything is working out as it should. The universe is supporting and guiding me in every moment – and she is doing the same for you too beautiful.

Life is bound to throw us lemons here and there, it is how to choose to respond that is key.

Sending you Love and Light,

Pip x x

2 responses to “When life throws you lemons..”

  1. Love this Pip and can relate to so much of what you are saying. I too feel like I trust that things will work out in the end and that at times of struggle or uncertainty I have learnt to lean into the knowledge that it will pass. Thanks for sharing … from one heart to another, love Rach x

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