Wellbeing on the Move – My 4 biggest Tips

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Whether it’s a weekend away or an overseas adventure I have been on the move frequently over the last couple of years. It’s a big goal of mine to continue travelling and to be able to work from anywhere #dreamlife. With travel comes new environments + seasonal changes, different foods and sleeping patterns. There are a handful of must haves I apply when travelling that allow me to feel my best – anywhere.

  1. Tongue Scraper – I know a little random but stay with me. Tongue scraping, is an an oral hygiene practice that removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. Which is super important if you are in a new environment and perhaps consuming a wide variety of drinks and foods.Also when we sleep, our digestive system remains awake, removing toxins from our body by depositing them onto the surface of our tongue. If we don’t scrape away these toxins, they get reabsorbed by the body and can lead to respiratory difficulties, digestive problems, and a compromised immune system. Plenty of reasons to add this little practice to your morning routine. You can buy tongue scrapers (and many other amazing products) from here.
  2. Skin Food by Weleda. This stuff is liquid gold and is 100% natural. It nourishes and moisturisers dry areas, repairs dry and cracked lips, calm irritations, acts as after-sun in sensitive areas, prevents hardness in feet and hands, moisturisers dehydrated skin and even relieves nipple cracking (hey mamas!). I take my tube of skin food everywhere – not only does it nourish my skin – it’s my secret to a healthy looking glow. You can purchase from here too.
  3. Vital Greens – an incredible supplement packed with a truckload of goodness. This balanced powder blend of essential nutrients has been extracted from natural dense vegetables and fruits plus the addition of probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals. I take this every single morning rain, hail or shine and it leaves me feeling great! You can purchase here.
  4. Meditation & Stillness. Whether you choose a guided audio meditation, some stretching, a walk in nature or some quiet breathing taking this time each day for self care is a game changer. It will allow you clarity of thought, released tension and time to reflect. It costs nothing and can be performed anywhere!

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