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November 3, 2018

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When life throws you lemons..

When life gives you lemons or (let’s be honest) throws you total shit storms what do you do?

How do you react?

What’s your go-to?

The last couple of weeks I have experienced a whirlwind of crazy, intense + overwhelming feelings. I’d like to make a link to a the moon cycles here but I really am not well versed on this area! All I know is that I felt …

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December 16, 2016

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The twist of media.


At what point did we decide as a society it was OK to publicly ridicule women based on their selection of underwear?

Tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail Australia, is experiencing a wave of publicity after printing a story criticising TV personality Samantha Armytage’s choice of underwear.

The news source reported ‘Samantha’s granny panties showed through her garment with a clearly visible panty line. She also appeared make-up free’

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I have slipped up.

I’ll be honest. My old dieting habits have taken over these last few months. I’ve been attempting to lose weight from a place of body shame and control.

Allow me to preface this quickly. I am all for people setting health related goals that involve nourishing their bodies with whole foods and conscious movement in an effort to feel more vibrant and energetic. However when we feel disgust with our …

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