January 27, 2018

Goals, January 2018

My Word for the Year.

We are in that time of the year when commitments to New Years Resolutions are high and we cannot hide from Goal Setting talk and 2018 memes.

From the age of 8 years old I spent every birthday wish and new year celebration focusing on attaining a smaller body shape. I believed  when this happened life would just be PERFECT. I would compare myself to my friends and the women …

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January 4, 2018

Body Image, Food, January 2018, Selflove


I’m sorry for what I said when… I felt Fat.

Yes I thought this title would draw your attention.

As women we just love the F word. We use it to talk to ourselves and we use it to describe how we are feeling and as a way to connect to one another. When the truth is what we really feel is unworthy, unlovable, unattractive, ugly, uncomfortable, disconnected… the list goes on.

As many of you know I am all …

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December 15, 2017


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Reignite That Fire Within

Hello Beautiful,

It is that time of year where we find ourselves wrapping things up in preparation for a new year and a new beginning.
We might be taking time to reflect on the year that has been. Our achievements, precious moments and decisions that have led us to this present moment.
You might be feeling overwhelmed, anxious and just plain exhausted. Please honour these feelings and be kind, compassionate …
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Honour Yourself 6-Week Online Coaching Program – Launching Feb 2018


Are you in search of true self-acceptance and self-belief?

Are you ready to say goodbye to all your BS and negative self-talk?

Do you long to tap into your spiritual side and form a deep relationship with your soul?

Are you looking for more inner peace and a deepened relationship with your spirit?

Ready to form positive and meaningful relationships?

Always placing everyone before you (well

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November 23, 2017

Body Image, November 17, Wellness


The Myth behind Body Love.

South Africa, January 2017

There are many misconceptions about body positivity and body acceptance. It runs parallel to the same concerns I hear women mention when they are given an alternative option to dieting – “What? Really? But surely I’ll stack on a heap of weight if I stop”.

Yes that’s exactly what big wig weight loss companies like Weight Watchers, green juice cleanse suppliers and 8-Week Body Transformation programs …

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October 23, 2017

October 17, Spirituality, Wellness

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30 Life Lessons

I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. This milestone had me spinning into a state of reflection.

Who was I as a 30 year old women?

What had I learnt?

What did I stand for?

How had my life experience been to date?

I was an anxious, love + acceptance craving child, who was seriously overweight. I looked to others for assurance and was willing to do anything to …

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September 12, 2017

Food, health, September 17, Wellness

My Number #1 Health Tip

Health to me for a long time equated to dieting and the foods I was putting into my body. I was obsessed with food and my physique so naturally I considered myself a health expert.

In my time I have attempted almost every diet under the sun. You name it – I’ve most likely tried it.

From cabbage soup, to weight watchers meetings, quitting sugar and taking fat blaster tablets …

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September 6, 2017

Wellness, Workshop

Pip Honour is Hitting the Road – Sydney, Melbourne & Wagga Workshops.


Hi Beautiful One,

I am so excited to be announcing my upcoming workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Wagga during the month of October.

There is nothing I love more than bringing like minded women together in a sacred space that inspires positive mindset shifts, connection and joy.

I will be running two different workshops – both special and unique.

The first workshop is called BODY LOVE. 

This 2 hour …

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From the Blog

I have slipped up.

I’ll be honest. My old dieting habits have taken over these last few months. I’ve been attempting to lose weight from a place of body shame and control.

Allow me to preface this quickly. I am all for people setting health related goals that involve nourishing their bodies with whole foods and conscious movement in an effort to feel more vibrant and energetic. However when we feel disgust with our …

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