3 Steps to Self(less) Care

February 2018, Selfcare

This idea of self care can feel pretty indulgent.

Dozens of women have quietly told me they feel guilty when taking time for themselves.

We live in a society that prides itself on wearing ‘busyness’ like a badge of honour and labelling 60 hour working weeks as the norm.

We rush through life with our endless to-do lists, overloading email inboxes and a constant FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) attitude.

And all for what?

The other evening I was out at my husbands family farm assisting with watering fruit trees and feeding the working doggies. I found myself internally planning the work I needed to complete later that night  once I returned home. I began expressing my frustration about the time it was taking to complete these tasks. My husband who is patient in nature could sense my mounting agitation. He asked gently if everything was ok and I snapped “It’s getting late!”. He turned to me and asked gently “Why are we rushing through life?”.

His wise words stopped me in my tracks. He had a red hot point.

Why do we –

Plan a daily agenda during our morning commute to work?

Pay online bills while walking the dog?

Respond to emails during our kids soccer practice?

We continue to run non-stop around the clock and multi task so that our attention can be divided between millions of things. Our days turn into one long rush hour.

The good news is that we are not doomed.  We might not be able to create widespread behavioural change across the globe, however we can become more aware and accountable for our own thoughts and actions. This will have positive flow on effects to our own energy as well as those around us.

The secret ingredient here is Self Care. And by applying the following steps you will create more balance and harmony in your internal world which will have amazing flow on effects to your outer world. You will feel calmer, more positive and joyful. The need for gripping control will also lessen.

Daily practice.

Commit to a daily practice. If Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have time to dedicate to their morning rituals then you and I have no excuses. There is a great deal of research showing the power of a morning ritual and how this sacred time daily will allow you to become more productive and present.

You might engage in some movement, journaling, meditation or simply a quiet cup of tea outside. You choose what works for you.

Social Media Detox – social media is taking over our lives. Download the ‘Moment App’ for your phone and you will quickly see some hard core statistics conveying your amount of phone usage throughout your day. There are many studies showing the harmful effects of social media – self comparison, social isolation and anxiety.

How could we spend our time in a more productive manner?

Is there an opportunity to block notifications alerting you of apps on your phone?

Could Sundays be your self care day where you take a break from all social media platforms?

Setting Boundaries– Our time is precious and how we choose to use our energy is key. Unfortunately saying yes out of obligation to partake in certain activities or spend time with toxic friends is often overlooked.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Do you walk away feeling sad or negative after spending time with certain people?

It so important to look after your energy. This is ultimately what fuels your emotions and life experiences. If something or someone doesn’t leave you feeling good, uplifted and positive then they may be impacting your energy.

I do help this small list of self care tips will support you to look after the most important person in the world – yes, you! And remember these practices enable you to show up to life as the best version of you.

If you need some support to implement more self care, self love and self belief into your life then I am currently taking on two 1:1 clients commencing at the beginning of March 2018. Let’s jump on a call and see if this opportunity is right for you (book here).

Big Love

Pip x x

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