3 simple steps to honouring yourself

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When I formed my coaching and wellness business almost 2 years ago I decided to incorporate my last name (which is actually spelt Honner p.s.). I felt I could use it as a play on words and an opportunity to encourage women to truly honour themselves. Because ultimately that is what we are here on this planet to do right? Well first we need to understand what it is to honour yourself.

To honour our own individual and unique goals, dreams, desires and needs. All while running a household, working a job and being the best mumma, sister, daughter, partner, friend and community citizen. Yes it’s a handful and some days I understand you feel like you are kicking serious goals and other days you just want to crawl under the doona for some peace and I quiet. I hear you!

To make this practical and straight forward I want to share with you what honouring yourself really looks like and allow you to consider how you can incorporate this practice into your own world.

To honour yourself to is understand what you need each day to rock up to life as your best self. It is about acknowledging that in order to give your time, support and love to others then you must be taking care of number one, yes you! Each of us will have a different set of activities in our toolbox and these may change over time. These acts are simple and can be performed anywhere.

I’d love to share with you my top three go-to’s I apply to honour myself –


My mother tells me I have simply loved sleep since I was a baby and to this day I love nothing more than an early night. Under the rest banner I also place daily meditation/breathing and some ad-hoc journalling to support me to feel calm and centred and ready to take on anything.

Good Food.

I am drawn to fresh, simple food – nothing too fancy. My body feels lighter, more energetic and thrives when I make healthy and simple choices. My journey to a more mindful way of eating (after years of restricted and very planned ways of eating) still continues and it is something I work on daily.


Not having a vision or a set of goals is like jumping on a plane that has no destination in mind. As creatures of habit and most likely a thirst for growth and expansion it is important to have goals and dreams. We all did as children and this should never change. I write weekly, monthly and yearly goals and visit them most days. It is a very powerful and simple exercise and gives me the drive and energy to take action and small steps towards achieving them daily. You could start now by thinking about 1-2 things you’d like to achieve between now and the end of this year.

These simple and straightforward steps when practiced consistently are total gold.

Now it is your turn. Reflect on the following –

What does it mean to me to honour myself?

What can I practice daily to leave myself feeling more empowered, loving, alive, centred and living on purpose?

Share below or send me a message. I’d love to hear how you will honour yourself going forward.


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